Coaches Hall of Fame


The inductees are as follows:

1st Inductee – Frank Ramos from St.Theresa School (1999) 

2nd Inductee - Carlos Barquin from Belen Jesuit Prep (2000) 

3rd Inductee - Joan Dembowski from St. Timothy (2001) 

4th Inductee - Jerry Streit from St. Brendan (2002) 

5th Inductee - Valarie Lloyd from St. Timothy (2003)

6th Inductee - Maria Alonso from St. Theresa School (2004) 

7th Inductee - William Oharriz from Sts. Peter and Paul (2005)

8th Inductee - Mark Dusek from St. Joseph (2006)

9th Inductee - Joe Velazquez from Sts. Peter and Paul (2007)

10th Inductee – Rosa Tarrats from Sts. Peter and Paul (2008)

11th Inductee – Bert Adan from Sacred Heart (2009)

12th Inductee – Elena Dyer from Holy Rosary (2010)

13th Inductee – Arturo Fernandez from St. Patrick (2011)

14th Inductee – Debbie Cohen from St. Agnes (2012)

15th Inductee - Vincent Fragano from St. Timothy (2013)

16th Inductee – Sharyon Henderson from St. Kevin (2014)

17th Inductee - Rodrigo Bustamante from St. Agnes (2015)

18th Inductee – Lazaro Barbeite from Sts. Peter and Paul (2016)

19th Inductee - Joe Diaz from St. Kevin (2017)

20th Inductee - Victor Arrieta, from Belen Jesuit Preparatory School (2018)

21st Inductee - Diane Kunkel from Our Lady of Lourdes Academy (2019)